With the break of the demonstrations in Egypt, even before it was clear that the Middle East is in flames, Itai Anghel, UVDA's international correspondent to conflicted zoon's, packed a backpack and a camera and went to film the next revolution.

Cairo that dreamed about a peaceful revolution found itself in a war zoon. This time the heroes were different: an engineer, a musician and Mark Zuckerberg. It is well known that the uprising force began on Twitter and Facebook and was covered from every angle and corner of the Tahrir ' square.

This new voices managed to inflame the political situation and especially the breeze of revolution and uplift the human spirit. With a distinctive eye Itai Anghel finds the new Martin Luther King and realizes that everybody as a dream about the new Egypt. With the unique illustrations of Yoni Goodman ("Waltz with Bashir") he manages to bring a special perspective, great heroes and an unforgettable moment in history

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