Uvda' ("Fact" in Hebrew) is Israel's leading investigative and current affairs television program. 'Uvda' offers in-depth documentary and investigative reports on both domestic and international issues and has cemented its prestige by wining virtually every journalistic broadcast award in Israel (as well as some overseas). First airing in 1993 and on air ever since, ‘Uvda’ is the highest rated long-form news magazine on Israeli television. In fact, Uvda is the only Israeli program to broadcast continuously to this day.                                                              UVDA is hosted by Mrs. Ilana Dayan, Jur. D., one of Israel's leading journalism and televion personalities. Alongside of Mrs. Dayan works a team of experienced and respected reporters and together they create the most special composition of investigative reports, profile interviews, and documentary films.                                                                                    Naturally, the show Airs in Hebrew, however we pride ourselves on documentaries that address important and pressing international topics, in a one-of-a-kind viewpoint, to be of interest not only to the Israeli viewer but worldwide. 'Uvda' has aired more than 700 episodes ranging from social issues and human interest to military and intelligence affairs.

אובמה בראיון לאילנה דיין (צילום: מתוך "עובדה", קשת 12)
צילום: מתוך "עובדה", קשת 12

:To mention just a few

An Exclusive Interview with President Barak Obama

The Hunt for Bin Laden by Ilana Dayan

Ron Arad's lost diaries by Ben Shani
The Dirani Interrogation by Omri Assenheim
Revolution across the border by Itai Anghel

The front line against ISIS by Itai Anghel

Their war – our weapons, in Nagorno-Karabakh by Itai Anghel (No English subtitles available)

The death of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman and the secrets of a spy by Ilana Dayan (No English subtitles Available)

An Exclusive Interview with the head of the Mossad Yossi Cohen by Ilana Dayan (No English Subtitles available)

Last stop before Kyiv by Itai Anghel (No English subtitles available)

Ilana Dayan began her career in journalism as the first female radio correspondent for the IDF Radio (“Galei Zahal”) in 1982. There she also served as a foreign news editor, political correspondent, and parliamentary correspondent. Afterwards Dayan studied law at Tel Aviv University and went on to complete her Phd at Yale University. Nowadays she teaches courses on freedom of speech at Tel Aviv University parallel to the continuous work on 'Uvda' and hosts a weekly current affairs program on the IDF Radio. Mrs. Dayan is known for her professional integrity, accurate reporting, and high standard of coverage and has been awarded as such many times over the years.                                                                                                                                       'Uvda' is recognized for its ability to present complex issues in an intelligent, in depth and remarkable way as well; winning numerous awards over the years, both in Israel and abroad. The program's Episode "Kapo" has won the 2000 international Emmy award for Best documentary showcasing testimonies, interviews, legal documents and footage about the 40 trials held in Israel in the 1950's on jews collaborating with the Nazi regime . In 2010, 'Uvda' has won the silver medal in the documentary selection of the New York Film Festival  for the Episode "Last Chance High School" on the remarkable story of a school principle in Ramle, who lead a High school in the destressed area in Israel to extraordinary achievements

בניין בוער אירפין (צילום: מיקולה טורופוב, מתוך "עובדה", קשת 12)
צילום: מיקולה טורופוב, מתוך "עובדה", קשת 12

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:The 'Uvda' Team

Anchorperson: Ilana Dayan

Chief Editor: Shani Drori

Chief Director: Yaniv Shabtai 

Executive Editor: Naama Perri
Chief Producer: Ruthy Steinberg
Leading Journalists:
Itai Anghel
Ben Shani
Eyal Gonen

Roni Kuban
Omri Assenheim
Chen Liberman

Limor Pinhasov

Investigative Journalist team:

Sarit Magen

Tomer Mamia

Jehudit Weinberger

Yair Eizenberg