There was only one man who was holding Ron Arad, captive Israeli Air Force navigator, which Israel managed to get hold of. His name is Mustafa Dirani. When he was kidnapped from his home in Lebanon and taken for interrogation facility in a secret army base, the Israeli government was in one mind, he has to talk.

After you see this troubling investigation tape which is revealed here for the first time, we must remember one important thing - Dirani degraded around with Ron Arad in the trunk of his car for days. This explains to some extent what is happening in the investigation room during those intense days but it does not explain the method and the system persistence to put down the blame on one interrogator without taking any responsibility.

His alias was "poisonous sting". In Lebanon he was known as Abu Ali, the chief security officer of the Amal organization, an organization that was responsible for the deaths of many Israeli soldiers. He held in captive Ron Arad, that became an Israeli symbol, from the first day. You cannot really understand these pictures without recognizing the hope everybody put on the information Dirani had. The investigation was ongoing for five weeks without a break but no major information was revealed. Six years after the investigation, Dirani case becomes an embarrassing legal mess. Security prisoner Mustafa Dirani claimed millions from the State of Israel. He claims he was tortured and sexually humiliated. Prosecution argues in response that the investigation was directed correctly. They insisted, Dirani was not naked during interrogation but the pictures we expose prove otherwise. In the Tapes available to us, Dirani was questioned for hours naked.

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