Now I understand why #LadyGaga sings #DoWhatYouWantWithMyBody with #RKelly. #CelebrityBulge #MonsterDick #SuperHot #Bulge #BulgeLovers

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It's yo boy Kellz and I would love for all of my female fans around the world to take a picture with my black panties album in one hand and a pair of #blackpanties in the other hand and send it out letting me know what city you rep!!:)))) make sure to use the hashtag #blackpanties in all of your posts. turn up ladies!!!

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"Sometimes a MAN can SAY things, that he really don't mean". #cantsleep #rkelly

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ולמי שעדיין לא ברור שמדובר במפלצת נדירה, שיקפיץ ישר לדקה 3:10:

>> החבילה המפתיעה ביותר של כוכב "גלי" הגאה