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1. - here is my idea abut a solution
Ok - here is my idea abut a solution we all want with the Palestinians and other Arab nations - here it is: I believe that because of the internet and TV most people will become more self centered and will not care much about ideology and patriotism - not that it is good - this is just what is going to happen. Terrorists that were happy to blow themselves up will be hard to find . We will have more and more people that just want to make money and have a good time - Life the way it is today is too hard and to stressful for anyone to think about anything ales - You don't need to go war - you can just watch a war movie - want to kill any one - just play a video game - all is out there for you to try without actually do it . Israel need to invest in video games about war and revolutions. Israel should use time - the longer time pass the less crazy terrorists will be out there - Israel should advertize how bad are the Hamas and the PLO how dangers are they for each other and how dangers are they to the world - Israel should show how every time the PLO singed on any agreement - they never kept their promises !!! Israel must play with time - no need to talk to any of our enemies - if they want to talk they need to know : 1) Israel is our land because G-D gave it to us !!! 2) We will not give any land we have since it is ours !!! 3) Palestinians can have an autonomy in our land nothing more !!! 4) Israel want to have the good Arab with us and part of our great country , so if you want to become Israeli - Great ! , But remember this is Israel not Palestine !!! 5) Arab Israelis must prove they are loyal to Israel - if they are not - they will be deported !!! 6) Israel will control the Har Habait - this is our Bait Amikdash - Arabs will be able to visit under Israeli Control. 7) Palestinians will never have a "right of return " since they have left Israel under a war started by their own brothers against Israel 8) Israel will demand reparation from all Arab countries that have evicted and deported Jews . 9) Under Palestinians stop terror we will be at war - we can't make peace while we are still fighting you as enemies. 10) Palestinians have responsibility for every drop of blood they have spill or any drop of blood they or their terrorists massagers will spill in the future - Israel will not negotiate with terrorists !!! After these conditions are cleared and applied we might be willing to talk about anything - for now - stop with the peace dreams - they have all became nightmares !!!
* INPM   23/10/09 | 03:19